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#AskOnetoGrowOn 6: COVID19 Edition

On this maxisode-length edition of Ask One to Grow On, three-quarters of the Casey family (Hallie, Chris and Joanna) discuss how the COVID19 outbreak is impacting agriculture and the food supply chain.

A quick note: Hallie says that the virus can only live for 3-4 hours on inanimate objects. The correct number is up to 3 days, depending on the surface. You can find out more here

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Links we mentioned:
Food Access Resources in Central Texas
Farm fresh delivery options (list)
Farm fresh delivery option (Barn2Door)
Farm fresh delivery option (Food4All)
USDA CSA directory
Vinder (Austin food delivery app)
PSA Grocery Shopping Tips (video)
How to make sourdough at the end of the world (bread thread)
The Horticulturati podcast
Restaurant Workers Community Foundation (relief fund, hospitality)
Southern Smoke Foundation (relief fund, hospitality and farmers)
Slow Food Austin Farmer Relief Fund (relief fund, farmers)
American Farmland Trust (relief fund, farmers)

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