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Black Lives Matter Transcript

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Chris: Hi, listener. Chris here. No, this isn’t a bonus episode, but we did want to take some time to talk about some really important issues. Two weeks ago, George Floyd was murdered by a member of the Minneapolis Police Department and since then, protest and demonstrations have taken place across the country and internationally. We want to make it clear. We stand with the protestors. Black lives matter and white silence is violence. One to Grow On is going to continue making regular episodes that might not explicitly discuss current events, but this is something that none of us can turn away from right now. To our non-black listeners, please learn about what’s happening, donate to bail funds and use your voice to speak to your friends and family about white supremacy, police brutality, and systemic racism. We’ve included a link to act blue in the description of this episode, which splits your donation among bail funds around the country. To our black listeners, we are listening, learning, and figuring out how we can best be of service. Justice for George Floyd, justice for Breonna Taylor, justice for Mike Ramos and all the others who came before. Stay safe.