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Native Farmers in New Mexico (Toasted Sister)

In the second week of our agricultural exchange, we’re bringing you Native Farmers in New Mexico from Toasted Sister. Host Andi Murphy interviews Native farmers Nicholas Ashley, Shannon James and James Skeet, as well as cultural education specialist Bettina Sandoval and Fruit and Vegetable Perscription Program coordinator Akeemi Martinez about the history, cultural significance and future of Navajo and Pueblo agriculture in New Mexico. Andi and her guests also cover how to improve soil health in backyard gardens to grow your own food.

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If you want to hear more of Andi on One to Grow On, check out Hallie’s interview with her on our second Native American Food Sovereignty episode.

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One to Grow On is a podcast that digs into the questions you have about agriculture and tries to understand the impacts of food production on us and our world. We explore fascinating topics including food, gardening, and plant sciences. One to Grow On is hosted by Hallie Casey and Chris Casey, and is produced by Catherine Arjet and Hallie Casey. Show art is by Ashe Walker. Music is “Something Elated” by Broke For Free licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.