One to Grow On

Understanding how food production impacts us and our world

In part two of our series of on Navajo food sovereignty, Hallie interviews Andi Murphy, host of the podcast Toasted Sister and producer of the radio show Native American Calling. Hallie and Andi discuss the role food plays in culture, the importance of traditional growing practices, and how a good meal can make you feel great.

This week, Hallie brings us an interviewe with two Navajo growers and activists: Nate Etsitty and Felix Earle. Our guests share their perspective on farming and why they do it, discuss food sovereignty and its importance on Navajo, and reflect on the legacy the colonization has left of food systems.

This week Vikram Baliga of Texas Tech university joins Hallie and Chris to talk about turf grass. We learn where it comes from, what it does, and just how high some grasses can grow.

We’re finally talking about animals! This week special guest Dr. Sara Packebush joins Hallie and Chris to talk about zoonotic diseases, how they spread to humans and how to keep yourself healthy. We learn about animal-borne pathogens, mind-controlling parasites and Hallie and Chris’s serious lack of dog movie knowledge.

Julia Wentzel joins Hallie and Chris this week for One to Grow On’s very first special guest episode, in which she discusses bees, beekeeping, and pollination. We learn how orchard planning relates to pollination success, how much most bees travel, and how some pollinators are picky eaters. This episode also contains an optimal amount of bee-related dad jokes from Chris.