One to Grow On

Understanding how food production impacts ourselves and our world

In this mini-episode, Hallie defines certified transitional agriculture, explains why it exists, and talks about why it isn’t standardized by the USDA (yet?). One to Grow On is a podcast that digs into the questions you have about agriculture and tries to understand the impacts of food production on us and our world. We explore fascinating topics including food, gardening, and plant sciences. One to Grow On is hosted by Hallie Casey and Chris Casey, and is produced by Catherine Arjet and Hallie Casey. Show art is by Ashe Walker. Music is “Something Elated” by Broke For Free licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

In the final episode of our organics series, Hallie and Chris discuss both large and small scale economic impacts of organic agriculture, how organics impact consumers, and how much paperwork is too much paperwork. We learn how international trade is impacted by organics, and what this means for the choices you make at the grocery store.

It’s time to learn more about organics! In part three of the series, Hallie and Chris discuss how organic agriculture impacts farms, farmers, and farmworkers. We learn about organic pesticides, why some farmers find organic farming controlling, and how well both Hallie and Chris can imitate cartoon Texans.

We’re back with more information about organic agriculture! This week, Hallie and Chris tackle the environmental tradeoffs of organic versus conventional farming. We learn about carbon sequestration, chemical inputs and why Hallie spent a day counting worms.

Welcome to the first episode of our Organics series! Organic agriculture is such a big topic we had to take four episodes to talk about it. This week, Hallie and Chris are focusing on what exactly organic agriculture is and where it came from. We learn about organics around the world, what it takes to become organic, and a really cool lady who really loved soil.