One to Grow On

Understanding how food production impacts ourselves and our world

Well, friends, this is it. After much discussion, we’ve decided to step away from the podcast for the foreseeable future. But instead of just podfading, we thought we’d put out one last episode answering some of the most commonly googled agricuture-related questions. Thank you so much for everything over the past few years. Enjoy!

It’s another Catherine episode! This week Hallie and Catherine discuss what compost is, how it works, and why it’s good. We learn the chemistry involved in compost, what you can compost, and why Hallie loves it so darn much.

It’s another Catherine episode! This week, Catherine and Hallie discuss farm production, employment and revenue. We learn about small scale versus large scale production, the practicalities of different crops, and the merits of different film versions of the musical Annie.

It’s another Catherine episode! Hallie and Catherine discuss what exactly a processed food is, how they started, and if they’re good for you. We learn what food processing has to do with urban growth, how the military played a part, and how much Catherine and Hallie both love hummus

This week we’re changing it up! Hallie and Catherine discuss what makes something a fruit, vegetable or both, as well how these categories came to be, and what to do if you have a campfire during a burn ban. If you’ve ever been unsure on exactly counts as what, or who gets to make these decisions, this is the episode for you!