One to Grow On

Understanding how food production impacts us and our world

In the last week of our agriculture exchange, we’re bringing you an episode from Sourceress. Hosts Colleen King and Carolyn Kissick interview Sims McCormick and Rob Knecht, the founders of Real Oyster Cult. They discuss the history of oyster consumption, the current oyster consumption culture, and how these mollusks can help stop climate change. Like all Sourceress episodes, this one ends with an analysis of music from the food’s source areas. In this case, that means the American Folk Revival.

This week we’re digging into all things small, skinny and wiggly: worms. Hallie and Chris discuss worms, what they are, why they’re so important and their appearance in sci-fi movies. We learn how worms help the soil, how to keep them, and how to use them to fish.

We’re finally talking about animals! This week special guest Dr. Sara Packebush joins Hallie and Chris to talk about zoonotic diseases, how they spread to humans and how to keep yourself healthy. We learn about animal-borne pathogens, mind-controlling parasites and Hallie and Chris’s serious lack of dog movie knowledge.

Julia Wentzel joins Hallie and Chris this week for One to Grow On’s very first special guest episode, in which she discusses bees, beekeeping, and pollination. We learn how orchard planning relates to pollination success, how much most bees travel, and how some pollinators are picky eaters. This episode also contains an optimal amount of bee-related dad jokes from Chris.